Hi, I'm Cait!

My name is Cait Kearney, MA, and I'm a creator who specializes in corporate graphic design and business writing/editing.

I've created over 300 newsletters, countless social media posts, and dozens of corporate reports and presentations. 

There are a few principles that guide me in every project I take on:

  • Know the audience: It is critical to understand the audience’s expectations, desires, and ways of interacting with the content/material.
  • Move the audience: Every piece of content should have a defined goal–often to move the audience to think or act a certain way.
  • Be on brand: Content should fit seamlessly into the organization’s brand identity.

Starting in the fall of 2024, in addition to content/material creation, I will visit organizations to host workshops focused on building skills related to business communications and tailored to organizations' specific needs.

Outside of work, you can find me drawing, taking photos, running, traveling, hiking, reading, creative writing, or eating out in Philadelphia. 

I'm an independent contractor for my business Pathos Communications Services.